Aziz Trust is a respected full service real estate acquisition, development and operating company, which offers solutions for its clients through an experienced team of professionals and provides its customers with full legal advise with its in-house expert lawyers.

Experts in real estate operations and development, Aziz Trust can be counted on for its broad expertise and historical perspective. In response to the changing needs of an increasingly complex real estate world, Aziz Trust offers a full spectrum of real estate capabilities to service its clients and partners. When implemented by Aziz Trust, these services generate bottom line benefits to the client as a result of our extensive track record, broad resources, institutional discipline and entrepreneurial vision.

• Aziz Trust is a consultancy service specialising in International Real Estate Investment

• Aziz Trust provides legal advice with its in-house expert attorneys to save the time, Money and right of its customers.

• Amongst International Investors we have earned a reputation as a consultancy adept at sourcing the very best investment properties that return stable and attractive yields

• Our investment expertise encompasses property investment consultancy, Hotel, Retail, Office, Multifamily, Student Property, Restaurants, Petrol Stations, Care Homes and Medical Clinics

• Our global reach ensures we are best placed to identify, and take advantage of the most attractive real estate investment opportunities in Turkey and strike the best deals for our clients

• We target investment opportunities in trusted locations with stable economic and political environments, with a particular focus on high yield real estate properties.

• We focus on secure investment strategies offering long term rental income, from secure and reliable tenants

• Our professional experience includes providing turnkey investment solutions to investors seeking to adopt a passive investment strategy

• We are experienced in representing investors seeking to gain exposure in new markets, providing strategic advice at all stages of the acquisition process from sourcing and identification, through to negotiation, due diligence and asset management

Investment in non-residential property is about sharing the income generated by retailers, offices, industrial, infrastructure and tourism. The appeal of this investment is the diverse nature of the asset class. Each of the property types is driven by different influences, both economic and geographic. As a result each will perform at its optimum during different phases of the property cycle.

The methods for investing in commercial property are equally diverse. Traditionally major financial institutions and wealthy individuals were the major investors in commercial property. This landscape has changed dramatically with listed and unlisted trusts and syndicates all vying for solid investment stock with direct property investors.

Over the last years, we witnessed all too often, investors confusing bricks and mortar with paper. The enormous diversity of property investment options has led to a situation where fundamental property principles are frequently lost in the detail.

Aziz Trust guides its clients through tested due diligence and risk assessment programs tailored to the property type and investment structure being pursued.

Clever investment is about reading the market and being in tune with the occupiers of your investment. In this way the clever investor is able to seize upon changing conditions or circumstances to maximise the potential for income growth.

Our core capabilities include:

• Legal advice
• Acquisition of stabilized, core plus, and value-added industrial and office properties
• Speculative ground-up development
• Development and Construction Management
• Resort and Golf Course Development
• Property Management
• Strategic Real Estate Consulting
• Asset and Investment Management
• Mortgages
• Taxation
• Fraud
• Complaints against the legal system
• Visa/residence requirements
• Buying property in certain areas
• Renting out your property
• Property deeds
• Problems with timeshare property
• Disclaimer