About Us

The Orient Ekspres Ltd. Company, headquartered in Istanbul, Turkey, was founded Orient Ekspres Ltd. was founded late 1800’s by Es-seyyid Medeni Kamil Efendi. Since then the company has continually evolved to meet the changing customer need and flourishing universal business oppurtunities.

The third generation steered a steady expansion course and continiously increasing the firms operation radius and range of services.

A strategy of alliances and partnerships not only allowed the company to hold its own competition with majör players but also to grow nationally and internationally.

Today, Orient Ekspres Ltd. is creating individuel business solutions for each of its customers in different sectors : Real Estate & Property Agents and Consultants. Logistics / Fair & Congresses / Ships Agency.

Orient Ekspres Ltd. by virtue of its successful past and current activities, is considered an industry-leading industrial, office and resort real estate company. It acquires, develops and manages investments in industrial, office and resort properties, serving institutional investors and high net worth individuals.

The Company creates value for its clients and partners through the development and management of quality environments, whether improving and repositioning underutilized properties, providing ground-up development services or by using operational expertise and vision to maximize returns from performing assets. While acting as a fiduciary to its customers and investors, Orient Ekspres Ltd. can respond to opportunities quickly and astutely, using its vast experience and broad resources to maximize the return on investment for its clients and partners.

Poised to acquire and develop properties throughout its target markets, Orient Ekspres Ltd. can be counted on to bring value to its clients by focusing on the long-term goal of creating Partner and Investor wealth through the building of a portfolio of assets.

Whenever you need a "houte couture" service provider, you'll come across Orient Ekspres Ltd.